#FutureArchitectFriday: Jheanelle Miller

Hi readers! It’s #FutureArchitectFriday. A day to celebrate those pushing themselves to becoming licensed architects.


Jheanelle Miller


Gwinnett County, GA

Educational Status:

3rd year undergrad Architecture 

How would you describe your experience as a Black Architecture student?

It makes me happy to say that I feel as though my experience as a Black Architecture student thus far has been that of any other Architecture student.

Why do you want to get your license?

The greatest thing about Architecture is that there’re so many lessons to be learned from it in various capacities. Although I have passions in certain aspects of Architecture, I’m interested in learning a little bit of everything. Getting my license will be the beginning of that path for me.

Biggest inspiration/influence?

I am my biggest influencer. If I can be a better me today than I was yesterday or if I can push myself to improve in my areas of weakness, that inspires me to do greater things. 

How important is representation?

Representation of the black community in this profession will encourage young minorities to reach for their goals no matter how high and regardless of the majority represented (Caucasian/Male, etc.). 

Favorite quote/poem/song/etc.?

My favorite quote that my mom always told me growing up is “Every disappointment is for an appointment,” meaning for every “bad” thing that happens to you in life, God has something bigger planned for you!

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