#FutureArchitectFriday: Hani Salih

Hi readers! It’s #FutureArchitectFriday. A day to celebrate those pushing themselves to becoming licensed architects.


Hani Salih


Bristol, United Kingdom

Educational Status:

University Graduate

How would you describe your experience as a Black Architecture student?

I was very lucky to attend a fairly diverse school (Manchester School of Architecture), so I never felt that my experiences in particular were extraordinary or unusual in any way or form. However, going into the world of practice, there’s a clear lack of black architects in the professional office setting. Which is an entirely different issue that needs to be addressed by the industry, as a whole. 

Why do you want to get your license?

 At the moment, I’m not entirely sure if I want to go all the way through the 7 year process to obtain the license. Having already completed 3 of those 7 years, I find myself unsatisfied with the current return for the time it takes to get through the whole process. I also find myself wanting to learn more about a variety of things such as economics, international development and social policy.

Biggest inspiration/influence?

I have many eclectic influences and sources of inspiration, but I would say a big portion of my cynicism comes from my deep and thorough fascination with Kurt Vonnegut Jr’s writing.

How important is representation?

Incredibly important. In order to be able to have spaces that are for everyone, it only makes sense that you have design teams that reflect the diversity we see in everyday society. 

Favorite quote/poem/song/etc.?

Though it has nothing to do with architecture, my favourite poem is The Negro Speaks of Rivers by Langston Hughes. It’s one of the first and only pieces of poetry that really struck and emotive chord with me. A beautifully short, yet hauntingly powerful piece on the familiarity of the river to those slaves brought along the Mississippi River.

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