#FutureArchitectFriday: Queen Kitchings

Hi readers! It’s #FutureArchitectFriday. A day to celebrate those pushing themselves to becoming licensed architects.

Name: Queen Kitchings

Hometown: Manhattan, NY

Educational Status: Third yr Undergrad 

How would you describe your experience as a Black Architecture student?

My experience as a black architecture student has been very challenging, to say the least. I am a first-gen college student at an Hbcu, though it has been a challenge this is an opportunity that I will forever be proud of. It has allowed me to continuously show myself I’m capable of more, and that anything I can think of I can create. Even being one of the very few young women in the program we still create some of the best projects.

Why do you want to get your licensed?

I have learned a lot from both people in practice and people not, it has shown me that licensed or not there’s so much I can and will be able to offer the generations to come and some already present. However, there is such a big lack of representation in the field of people that look like me and how would I be able to push others if I didn’t push myself.

Biggest inspiration/influence?

In school, I’d say my first studio professor Coleman Jordan he has traveled so much and taught in so many places before he landed at Morgan. He had so much knowledge to offer in my first studio, several studios later and still does today. However, Outside school, I’d Probably Virgil Abloh simply because he has constantly taken the industry by storm with his versatility which is something I am also big on. Not tying myself to one discipline, as I too as well have a clothing brand in the works. 

How important is representation?

I feel like representation is very important for those that come after us, to know they can do it as well. So that we can offer the mentorship that may not have been available for all of us.

Favorite quote/poem/song/etc.?

Another Day is Another Chance at an Opportunity of a lifetime

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