#MentorMonday: In Memory of Joseph W. Johnson, III

Welcome to #MentorMonday! Mondays are dedicated to celebrating Black LICENSED Architects, Designers, and individuals in the profession of Architecture! The questions asked to these individuals are to allow us into their lives and to be used as an inspiration. I hope you all enjoy this series.

The pursuit to find licensed architects and planners can never be completed until we recognize those who have paved the way. Through forming connections, I’ve come across several individuals that have shared stories and the lives of architects that we wouldn’t hear today because they’re not in our history books. America’s Hidden Gem was always intended to uncover our hidden gems in the community that wouldn’t otherwise be recognized. Thus, this week is different, because I wanted to shed light on someone who isn’t here to share his story, but has family to continue his legacy – Mr. Joseph W. Johnson, III.

Joseph W. Johnson, III was an transportation planner architect for the City of Miami Beach. He was born in Miami, FL at Homestead Air Force Base on April 20, 1960. He graduated from Miami Killian Senior High School in the 1970s. After graduating high school, he attended Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and graduated with his bachelor’s degree Architecture in the 1980s. He would later return to Florida to work with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to utilize his architecture skills. After working with the company, he set a new challenge to work with the City of Miami Beach in the 1990s as Director of Transportation Planning. Johnson’s work would be showcased throughout Miami Beach of his designs of buildings, streets, highways, traffic signs for schools, busways, beaches, and businesses. He was very detailed oriented and strived to make Miami Beach as safe and reliable through his work on transportation for the city. During his career, he would receive two masters degree from Nova Southeastern University and Florida Atlantic University in Urban Planning and Business Administration in the 1990s-2000s. He received multiple accolades during his work. Johnson passed away on October 9, 2003 from a long history of lung cancer. He is survived by his wife, Marcia Johnson and son, Joseph W. Johnson, IV. He will be beloved for his devotion, determination, and intelligence to help his community and family for better lives.

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